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April 5th, 0 Comments. The International Fruit Tree Association makes some changes, but commitment to growers remains the same. March 29th, 0 Comments. March 28th, 0 Comments. March 21st, 0 Comments. March 14th, 2 Comments. March 8th, 0 Comments. To do this, he will leverage Superfresh Growers expansive line of Northwest tree fruit, as well as.

February 28th, 0 Comments. The third annual promotion of the U. Apple Association pits apple varieties against each other in popular votes tournament-style. Organizers ask apple eaters to visit applevsapple. The contest includes the top 16 selling varieties. February 12th, 1 Comment. February 5th, 1 Comment. February 1st, 0 Comments. January 30th, 0 Comments. January 26th, 0 Comments. January 17th, 1 Comment. January 17th, 0 Comments. January 11th, 0 Comments. January 3rd, 0 Comments. With talk of tariffs and ending NAFTA, the apple industry must use defense, data and offense to protect exports.

Managers of new Washington State University-bred apple variety use high-tech software to protect intellectual property rights. November 28th, 0 Comments. November 22nd, 0 Comments. November 13th, 0 Comments. Pear handlers will elect nominees for a Wenatchee district grower position and a handler position on the Fresh Pear Committee of Marketing Order November 9th, 0 Comments.

Pear handlers will elect nominees for a Yakima district grower position on the Fresh Pear Committee of Marketing Order November 6th, 0 Comments. After his degree, he toured California vineyards and fell in love with farming, diving into viticulture courses at Walla Walla Community College. November 2nd, 0 Comments. October 25th, 0 Comments. Nominations for grower and handler positions on the Washington Cherry Marketing Committee and Washington Apricot Marketing Committee will take place during industry meetings in January. The committees establish grade, size and pack regulations for fresh cherries and apricots from designated counties in Washington state.

October 17th, 0 Comments. Those attending the Produce Marketing Association Fresh Summit will get a glimpse of Stemilt Growers without having to leave the conference. October 9th, 2 Comments. September 11th, 0 Comments. A premium price Recently, a willingness-to-pay study has shown that consumers are willing to pay up to 20 cents more for high-quality, sliced, fresh packed pears treated with a ripening compound compared to sliced fresh packed pears with no treatment. The event will feature presentations by Proprietary Variety Management, a patent attorney, a trademark attorney, an expert on product naming and brand development, and an expert on enforcement topics with.

August 15th, 0 Comments. August 8th, 0 Comments. August 7th, 0 Comments. The Oregon Sweet Cherry Commission is considering a proposed administrative rule change to reduce the assessment rate on brine cherries. July 14th, 0 Comments. The New York Apple Association has announced that its president and CEO Cynthia Haskins will direct the association's marketing and promotional activities for the apple crop.

July 12th, 0 Comments. Bryant Christie Inc. The company was founded in as W. Bryant Co. June 27th, 0 Comments. They are also thinking about upgrading their Honeycrisp to one of the sports that are all the rage. June 26th, 2 Comments. Appealing taste profiles, earlier harvesting and southern expansions are some of the characteristics of the many new apples making their way into offerings this year.

Beyond Cosmic Crisp, which is causing a stir in Washington, a number of other apples are pushing their way into this increasingly dynamic field. June 21st, 0 Comments. Planting surge of highly hyped Cosmic Crisp is likely to test growers, packers, marketers — and consumers. June 16th, 0 Comments. Consumers are buying more from outside of traditional supermarkets. Online purveyors such as Blue Apron are on the rise. Two big German chains are expanding their presence in the U.

June 15th, 0 Comments. June 13th, 0 Comments. Six weeks after announcing a merger with another fruit company, Chelan Fresh has entered into an exclusive marketing agreement with Columbia Valley Fruit of Union Gap, Washington. The fruit will be marketed under. June 1st, 0 Comments. Northwest pear growers are estimating a fresh crop of about May 24th, 0 Comments. Specialty Crop Farm Bill Alliance:. May 19th, 0 Comments. May 15th, 0 Comments. The public member position of the Processed Pear Committee will be up for nomination during the committee's annual meeting.

May 4th, 0 Comments. Cosmic Crisp has been a huge topic among growers for years, and now the variety is gaining profile in the general media. National Public Radio sent a reporter to Wenatchee, Washington, to interview growers and researchers about the apple. Two longtime Washington state fruit companies will join forces when Chelan Fresh merges with Borton Fruit this summer.

April 27th, 0 Comments. Good Fruit Grower ran a story in our April 15 issue about the Washington Apple Commission discussing uses of its apples logo and sticker. April 26th, 0 Comments. April 20th, 0 Comments. April 19th, 0 Comments. For apple growers, domestic and global markets hold promising opportunities if you know what to look for. Members of the Washington Apple Commission and Columbia Fruit Packers were among a group of apple industry leaders from across the country who met with members of Congress on March 23 in Washington, D.

March 15th, 0 Comments. How did you get your start? Michelle Wine Estates as an intern and learned from. March 7th, 0 Comments. March 6th, 0 Comments.

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The election for the two-year term will be at 2 p. Barnett Street in Medford. March 2nd, 0 Comments. The position will be filled at the Washington Pear Marketing Association meeting at noon on March 28 at the Washington Apple Commission conference room. January 27th, 0 Comments. In , Northwest cherry growers shipped more Sweetheart cherries than any other variety, including the historically dominant Bing, according to a board of directors update from the Washington State Fruit Commission.

January 18th, 0 Comments. Economists quantify importance of fruit qualities based on differing perspectives of producers, packers and consumers. January 13th, 0 Comments. The Pear Bureau is celebrating 85 years of promoting the beautiful and delicious pears nurtured by our growers in Washington and Oregon each year. We employ a variety of proven and effective tools, techniques and strategies designed to increase consumer awareness and consumption of Northwest pears on behalf of fresh pear.

Focus for the year ahead is keeping current markets open while the U.

January 7th, 0 Comments. January 6th, 0 Comments. The Produce Marketing Association and United Fresh Produce Association are seeking public input on a draft framework for responsible labor practices in the fresh produce and floral supply chains. The boards of the two groups established a joint committee last year to look into the issue amid growing interest in transparency.

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January 4th, 0 Comments. The committee is responsible for the collection of assessments for research, and the promotion and advertising of all pears marketed in the domestic and export markets. December 29th, 0 Comments. All that representation, with their acronyms, subcommittees and meeting schedules, provide places for growers to get involved and learn. December 14th, 0 Comments. The committee is responsible for the collection of assessments for research and the promotion and advertising of all pears marketed in the domestic and export markets.

The 74th annual Cherry Institute is set for Jan. The program, which begins at a. December 5th, 0 Comments. Washington growers will begin the first plantings of the new Washington State University variety WA 38, which will be known commercially as Cosmic Crisp.

Change in a U. Change in technology. Change in food safety regulations. Change in customer shopping habits. December 2nd, 0 Comments. December 1st, 0 Comments. November 10th, 0 Comments. October 28th, 0 Comments. October 25th, 1 Comment. Byron Albano is one of the southernmost apple growers on the West Coast but has a late season. He has plenty of water but no surface irrigation.

October 23rd, 1 Comment. October 6th, 0 Comments. The value of the dollar and the increasing size of the apple crop in other countries — boosting competition on the export market — may pose some challenges for packers and shippers in the coming year. October 6th, 2 Comments. Illnesses caused by foodborne pathogens are becoming much easier to track and investigate, and new science — whole genome sequencing — is enabling outbreaks to be traced to the source of the investigation.

That means apple growers and packers need to up their game, according to Frank Yiannas, vice president of. September 23rd, 0 Comments. The newest apple variety developed by the University of Minnesota, MN55, will be sold under the brand name Rave. Seventeen years in the making from original breeding to final release and licensing, MN55 is a cross between Honeycrisp and an unreleased variety called MonArk.

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September 12th, 0 Comments. September 8th, 1 Comment. August 26th, 0 Comments. July 20th, 0 Comments. July 13th, 0 Comments. The product of a breeding program at the University of Minnesota, the SweeTango apple variety is gaining numbers, says a growers cooperative. July 6th, 0 Comments. Maybe you feel a little … pear instead. They originated in. June 7th, 2 Comments. June 3rd, 2 Comments. June 2nd, 0 Comments. The Processed Pear Committee board of directors unanimously agreed to the assessment rate Wednesday at the annual board meeting in Portland, Oregon. May 25th, 0 Comments. May 18th, 0 Comments.

Another Northwest cherry season is around the corner, and at this point, there is no reason not to expect another 20 million box crop of amazing sweet cherries! May 17th, 1 Comment. May 12th, 2 Comments. April 27th, 1 Comment. March 30th, 0 Comments. March 10th, 0 Comments. The interactive seminar based on maximum residue levels MRLs will address critically important issues for stakeholders with interests in exporting agricultural products. Registrants, growers, packers, shippers, PCAs, regulators, trade experts, and other stakeholders in. The certification allows Pear Bureau Northwest to use the heart-check mark throughout online, print and other promotional activities for both varieties of pears.

February 10th, 0 Comments. Fruit growers need look no further than the beverage aisle at their local convenience store for inspiration. February 9th, 0 Comments. This a re-launch of the apple, this time in partnership with Proprietary Variety Management. The goal is to give. The variety is a cross. February 8th, 0 Comments.

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Pear Bureau Northwest has launched a redesigned trade website focused on the business of pears to grow pear sales. Visitors to www. February 6th, 0 Comments.

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February 4th, 0 Comments. February 2nd, 0 Comments. January 29th, 0 Comments. January 7th, 1 Comment. November 25th, 0 Comments.

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Ines Hanrahan of the Washington Tree. November 16th, 0 Comments. More than 80 wine regulators and wine industry representatives from 17 Pacific Rim economies met in Adelaide, Australia, to work toward streamlining import-export requirements for wine. November 4th, 0 Comments. Nominations for grower and handler positions on the Washington Cherry Marketing Committee will take place during industry meetings in January.

The committee establishes grade, size, and pack regulations for fresh sweet cherries from designated counties in Washington. November 3rd, 0 Comments. Pear Bureau Northwest, the non-profit marketing organization that represents the 1, pear growers of Oregon and Washington home to 84 percent of the U. October 23rd, 0 Comments. October 19th, 0 Comments. October 15th, 0 Comments. Leading e-commerce retailer Alibaba Group featured Washington apples at the kickoff for its online shopping frenzy in China in November. August 28th, 0 Comments. Kim Gaarde did the impossible by bringing fresh-sliced pears, peaches, and nectarines to consumers.

August 11th, 1 Comment. Even without the promotions, apple growers enjoyed a run of profitable years, until the dismal — marketing season. July 7th, 0 Comments. June 18th, 4 Comments. By , Ambrosia will be an open variety in both the United States and Canada. June 16th, 1 Comment.

The Honeycrisp apple is a Cinderella story. A somewhat homely apple, almost rejected from its own breeding program, is given a chance and is discovered by an adoring public and propelled on a rise to a height of success still not fully realized. June 9th, 0 Comments.

Department of Agriculture will soon introduce a rule exempting organic growers from paying mandatory promotion assessments to federal marketing orders. This will mean, for example, that organic pears will no longer be subject to an assessment of May 29th, 0 Comments. Ramsey, with more than 30 years in the food and beverage industry, learned about produce and value-added.

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May 28th, 1 Comment. May 22nd, 1 Comment. For many years, Montana sweet cherries were marketed as the tail end of the Washington State crop, not having much of an identity of their own. But more recently, growers in Montana have worked to project a better image of what they think are better cherries and to get a better price for them. May 7th, 0 Comments. April 14th, 0 Comments. April 1st, 0 Comments. As I introduced him to the group of apple growers and marketers from basically the entire eastern apple growing states including Michigan,.

February 17th, 0 Comments. This is not unusual timing for controversial announcements by federal agencies. It almost guarantees a muted response in the media. The season was not only a record year for Northwest cherries, it was one of the best years for Northwest cherry exports, especially to South Korea, which almost doubled imports from China is recognized as one of the hottest markets in the world due to its large population and potential for.

January 21st, 0 Comments. January 15th, 0 Comments. The new Washington Tree Fruit Association plans to expand its services to the industry, says President Jon DeVaney, who will be busy working on legislative affairs in the state capital of Olympia in the coming session. November 26th, 0 Comments. Steve Tennes, who operates the Country Mill orchard and farm market at Charlotte, Michigan, became convinced several years ago that there was a future in organic fruit production. Today, some of his customers will come a hundred miles or more from Detroit and Chicago specially to buy his organic apples.

November 20th, 0 Comments. The move follows a recent independent report into the performance of HAL that recommended a change to a new. The new group, with more than 30 initial winery and associate members, is working to create awareness of wines from Prosser by providing networking events, advocating on behalf of members, coordinating media. October 15th, 5 Comments.

October 14th, 0 Comments. With a record crop of Washington apples, estimated at million boxes or more, Todd Fryhover is hoping to see a significant boost in exports this season. October 1st, 0 Comments. Around tons of cherries. Two long-established tree fruit organizations closed their doors on August 29 as they merged into the new Washington State Tree Fruit Association. August 27th, 0 Comments. Change can be uncomfortable, but is unavoidable. One key to change is adaptation, being aware of and flexible to the trends of change.

At the Pear Bureau Northwest, we strive to stay on top of trends. Success has followed. August 20th, 0 Comments. The Michigan Processing Apple Growers marketing committee has negotiated minimum apple prices with six apple processors. No price was negotiated for juice or undersize apples. August 12th, 0 Comments. Nearly 80 years after its inception, the California Grape and Tree Fruit League announced they are changing their name to the California Fresh Fruit Association to better reflect the growing diversity of fruit its members grow.

Washington State orchardists expect to harvest million boxes of apples this fall, almost 10 percent more than ever before and 20 percent more than last season. But the record crop did not take the industry by surprise, says Dan Kelly, assistant manager at the Washington Growers Clearing House Association. August 5th, 0 Comments. July 23rd, 0 Comments. Chelan Fresh Marketing has introduced a new consumer pack of cherries designed for snacking on the go. The lid, however, has a cherry-sized hole, allowing the consumer to tip a cherry into the mouth, and a nifty compartment with a.

July 2nd, 0 Comments. June saw some huge shipments of cherries, averaging , boxes per day, according to the Northwest Cherry Growers. What was expected to be the second biggest cherry crop ever has triggered enormous movement to the marketplace. June 11th, 0 Comments. Northwest cherry growers gained airlift capacity into China with the launch today of weekly service between Seattle and Shanghai on China Eastern Airlines. The new service serving Seattle-Tacoma International Airport will carry more than metric tons of cherries to China from Northwest shippers.

May 23rd, 0 Comments. The promotion staff at the Northwest Cherry Growers has been all over the globe over the past several months. May 14th, 2 Comments. The new consumer bags protect fruit better and allow high-definition graphics, but are more costly to pack. May 6th, 0 Comments. Tart cherry producers and processors voted in March to continue the federal marketing order that regulates the marketing of their crop.

The results, just announced, were very favorable to the order, both in the positive votes and the high participation of both growers and processors. May 2nd, 2 Comments. April 15th, 0 Comments. March 26th, 0 Comments. January 13th, 1 Comment. For a new apple variety to succeed, the marketer must understand what drives consumer and retailer preferences.

The Tonnemakers say industry consolidation has left opportunities for small operators to sell directly to consumers. December 19th, 0 Comments. The committee commissioned economist Dr. December 6th, 0 Comments. Four Washington tree fruit industry organizations will consolidate next summer, and the question now is how best to do it, Robert Kershaw told members of the Washington State Horticultural Association at their annual meeting.

So we challenged the office worker, wife Claire, also 40, and kids Jack, 14, and Lucy, 12, to eat ten portions a day for a fortnight. After ten, that should be easy. Stay-at-home mum Claire mostly used to eat three portions a day. Here is how to get closer to that magic ten — and just be thankful you are not in Japan, where the government recommends 17 portions a day.

Sign in. All Football. Add to your porridge : Put in a chopped banana and 80g of blueberries and you have had two portions. Make veg part of a cooked breakfast : Add chopped spring onions to your scrambled eggs and serve with grilled tomatoes and mushrooms. Add veg to other meals : If you are making a spaghetti Bolognese, lasagne, stew or pie chop up and add some courgettes, carrots, mushrooms. Any vegetable from your fridge will do. Try a base out of grated cauliflower — see easy recipes online — and add healthy toppings. Or make your own vegetable crisps. Pack your own snacks : Chop up some veggies and put them in Tupperware — and take fruit too.

Remember that frozen and canned fruit and veg coun t: Great if you are on a budget.