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Taehyung picked up another crying pup when he heaved a dramatic sigh. And lately this omega's alpha has been kind of sending him, let's say, mixed signals. The poor guy is completely confused. The elders won't like it. But an omega having two alphas Everything was pretty traditional and even though alphas were allowed to mate several omegas, it was frowned upon omegas to take interest in several alphas.

You are 20 now, don't you two talk about it? Something turned in Jimin's stomach at the mention of his own mating. Jimin has been courted for years now and he knew that the pack alpha's son would be his mate one day. However, his stomach clenched whenever he did so much as thinking about mating Sungwoon. It was as if his body rejected the idea, causing him to feel nauseous every time someone mentioned it.

Jimin returned the look for a moment, seeking comfort in his best friend's presence. He missed him. Ever since things got serious with Sungwoon he was barely able to spend time with Taehyung, every evening after work spent with his future mate glued to his side. Taehyung's face fell, something sad flickering behind his brown eyes. Jimin was in the middle of adding salt to his dish when the front door swung open, the whole hat rattling from the force the alpha used.

Sungwoon entered his hut, grey fur draped over his shoulders.

Carry Me Home

He always walked with his head held high, keeping the image of a true pack alpha. Everyone knew he would be an honourable leader for their pack, his father already a well respected alpha. A few silver coloured hair strands fell into his pale forehead, the only imperfection visible on his sharp face. Sungwoon went straight to his room, not acknowledging Jimin like he did every time he came back from the hunt. He had once explained it by saying he needed a moment of peace and quiet before being able to entertain his omega.

Jimin accepted it. Jimin forced a smile as he continued to cook. Two abandoned wolves, both injured. Both are alphas so we can't really use them in the pack, we would have to abandon them as soon as they're healthy. It was at times like this that Jimin felt his blood boil in his body. The way Sungwoon spoke about omegas, the way he lacked compassion in any situation that didn't affect himself.

It was so frustrating and yet, Jimin kept quiet. If he wanted to keep this relationship, keep this routine, he had to keep quiet. They must be traumatised, leaving your pack is painful emotionally and physically. And who knows how long they've been travelling already. Sungwoon could smell it and it would probably just lead to just another argument. But let's not talk about them any more, okay?

I can see that you're already getting too involved. Whenever someone is hurt or whatnot you start to act like a worried mother. I mean, you can't always live with other people's baggage, it pulls you down, Jimin. Jimin felt his whole body tense, turning his words around his head. Dinner was as usual, Sungwoon talking about his hunt and Jimin about his work. Eventually, they went out of stories, eating in silence until they were done. My day has been… it's been really stressful. Jimin's omega instinct was to give in and give his alpha what he wanted.

But just thinking about sex made him feel exhausted, his body shutting off. Jimin didn't hate sleeping with Sungwoon, used to enjoy it even, but over the years it has become more of a duty than an enjoyment and Jimin felt too tired for it. I'm an alpha. I have needs. I won't force you to do anything but we want to be mates, don't we? How can we do that if we aren't even intimate with each other? We spend time together every single day. His mother was always calm, even in an argument she never lost her temper and Jimin wished for nothing more than to be like her.

But he was so angry, so frustrated. It was like every thing Sungwoon said ticked him off and rubbed him in the wrong way. And the more Jimin tried to suppress it, the worse it got. To me, this is an important part of a courtship. If you can't please your alpha, how will you spend the rest of your life with him? It's not like I'm not willing to do the same. I feel so exhausted, I just want to rest. I need to rest.

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He nodded although his shoulders were still tense. Jimin warily followed him until he picked up his furs and slipped inside. It's important to make a statement to the rest of the pack. Jimin breathed in his scent, wondering why the knot in his stomach didn't ease down. Sleep well. Something inside of him still felt tense. Without another word, he walked away, his chest heavy. Jimin had almost reached the omega den when he felt a pull inside his chest.

Carry Me Home

Jimin saw the lights in the infirmary still on, knowing that the two injured alphas must still lay there in immense pain. Jimin was sure it was his omega instinct to wonder if they were alright, if they needed to be cared for. He nibbled on his lower lip, unsure of what to do. He was exhausted, stressed and really needed a long sleep. But his instinct told him to go. After a moment of shifting his weight from one foot to another in the cold winter breeze, Jimin cursed under his breath and decided to head to the infirmary. He would just check if the medics needed any help, it was not like he would spend the whole night.

As he hurried towards the wide hut, he kept glancing over his shoulder, keeping an eye out for any other person walking around. Sungwoon would be furious if he were to find out that Jimin headed out to check on the abandoned alphas alone at night. It would definitely spread around the pack like wildfire, giving the impression that Jimin would rather spent the night with another alpha than Sungwoon. Jimin did not want to find out how Sungwoon would react to that, let alone his parents and the rest of the pack. He hovered in front of the wooden door, unsure if this was a good idea.

A shiver ran through his body, he couldn't stay in the cold for much longer. Jimin took a deep breath before he opened the door timidly. It was quiet inside, the lights dimly lit. At the sound of the door opening, Hoseok stepped forward, looking if someone needed help. The young omega had been working at the infirmary for years now and Jimin always felt comfortable whenever he had been treated by him. How can I help you? Jimin was relieved he wasn't the only one feeling for the lone wolves. We don't know what happened to them yet but they had some terrible bruises.

The younger of the alphas is just about 18 years old, it's- it's unimaginable what they have been through. He had never parted from his pack but he heard stories of the unbearable pain it can give to wolves. That would be amazing! Seokjin and I have so much to do on the daily and we need someone to take care of the alphas. One of them has a wound on his arm and won't be able to eat on his own, the other needs help to stand up. It takes a lot of time and patience and I know you would be ideal for this!

I'll have to work tomorrow! The hunters that brought the two in were already not fond of them and I doubt our pack will be very welcoming. I will ask Taehyung if he can help as well but beside him and you, I really don't know a lot of others who would be willing to help. The alphas already have a bad reputation for leaving their pack, please, they need help. Jimin felt his resolve crumble as the seconds passed, his instincts to help and care overwhelming his senses.

But you'll tell the head omega! The scent of both alphas was very faint which was quite common for pack-less wolves. They instantly subdued their scents to not give themselves away to danger. Seokjin's arms were crossed and face stern until he noticed Jimin's and Hoseok's appearance. Seokjin was Hoseok's mate, the handsome alpha known for his charms and skill to wrap anyone around his finger. He was tall and broad and his plump lips let omegas swoon over him as they seeked the alpha at every possible opportunity. Hoseok never seemed to mind too much though, he trusted his mate completely.

Jimin turned around to face the young man who was sleeping in the first bed. He looked muscular but still slender, the body of a typical young alpha. His body was covered in scratches and wounds, a bandage around his arm slung over his neck. His face looked beaten up, causing Jimin's stomach to turn.

Fine, thin lips bearing a cut, square chin covered in dry blood and one eye swollen. Jimin felt his instincts kick in again, worrying for the young alpha. He must have auburn fur for his tousled hair shimmered in the warm orange, reddish tone. It was a rare colour and Jimin found himself in awe, his own light brown colour rather common. His brother tried to keep him safe as best as he could.

They escaped from another pack and tried to find a pack that takes them in. We don't know much else. Jimin's gaze travelled over Yoongi's face, truly looking more wounded than his brother. He had softer facial features, a round face with a strong jaw, upturned lips and a button nose. Black, thick hair fell into his forehead, looking freshly cut.

Alphas often cut their hair before they took off on a journey and Jimin wondered what the backstory to their escape might have been. Yoongi's chest rose and fell calmly and Jimin felt a smile tugging at the corner of his lips. He was glad the two seemed quite alright. Yoongi has a lot of internal wounds and his leg was in a shocking state when we found them. Seokjin didn't get to finish the sentence as the said alpha's eyes suddenly snapped open. The young man jolted into a sitting position, a loud snarl escaping his lips.

Instead the whole book was about her turning from what her father wanted for her for years to turning to what Cal wanted. Didn't seem like a step up to me at all. The author kept me interested and I thoroughly enjoyed getting to know the main and secondary characters. Zoe is a professor at a small college in Paradise Idaho and Cal is an ex Pro Football Player who returns home to Paradise after a career ending injury and takes over the family farm. Cal and Zoe meet after he comes to her aid when she's in a car accident d 3.

Cal and Zoe meet after he comes to her aid when she's in a car accident during bad weather, soon they are running into each other often and the attraction they feel is too strong for either of them to ignore. Zoe finds danger in this small town when one of her students is attacked and nobody but Cal takes her seriously. Zoe is not the type of person to let thing lie and bulldozes her way into making campus officials take action Now she's the one on danger and Cal makes it his business to protect Zoe even as their relationship hits a snag.

View all 3 comments. Jun 16, Monique rated it it was ok Shelves: fiction-romance , source-kindle-free , reviews-all , fiction-romance-contemporary , fiction-romance-suspense , booklengthpgs , fiction , format-ebook-epub , genretype-prose-novel-novella-short , timeframepresent. I was not compensated for my review, and I was not required to write a positive review.

The opinion expressed here is my own.

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This book is nothing like those. Where the New Zealand books have a breezy and relaxed authorial voice, this is taut and fraught. Where those books may address issues, they are not the dominant focus of the books; here it is. Where they are stories where locale is as much a characters as people, this is not true here. I honestly struggled with this book. One of the things James does well in her other books is break down stereotypes. Here it felt like stereotypes were used extensively, and not broken down.

While as people, I liked Zoe and Cal, both had a tendency to say things that felt more like "As the author, I'm going to put these words in your mouth now". I'm not even sure they really felt three dimensional. And I hate saying this about a book by an author who is an autobuy for me. The bad guy was I also had it figured out very early on; yes, another pet peeve.

Zoe was a geek, who still has a chip on her shoulder about it. Cal was He was the exception that proves the rule: a jock who is also a brain, not a cheater, not cruel, just ordinary. And that kind of ruined him as a character for me. Even when he got mad and hurt, he was so incredibly gentle about it, as if somehow he had to bend over backwards to be the "nice, sweet, gentle, philanthropist, ex-jock with a bleeding heart".

It felt fake. I did like the sexy banter between Zoe and Cal. That was a nice slow burn that really ramped up the sexy. James always gets the sexy banter just right. Overall, I'd say that if you are generally not into romantic suspense and really like the Escape to New Zealand series, this is a book you might like, but it is very, very different from those books. As if there isn't enough about it out there, a lot of high profile cases turning out to be flat out untrue, we get treated to the whole 1 in 5 women on campus are raped.

We also, in turn, get treated to the self defense and carrying a gun thing, but it's a little too late when it gets brought up. Zoe's friend in college might have been raped, maybe even gang raped, while unconscious by a jock and his frat buddies. So, we get treated to the whole stereotype of the college jock and the college frats.

We've got the police wife beater. The college campus security who doesn't care, the ex-military bad guy. I mean, seriously? And then there is Zoe, and her blatant bias against jocks in her talk to the kids in high school. I mean, so nasty biased I was shocked. I would never, ever go into a high school and spew that stuff. She had a mile wide chip on her shoulder that was actually very sad to see. The crazy thing is, I can compare the characters to others.

Cal and Drew, for example. Drew is a lot like Cal: sweet, giving, tender. And yet he never comes off as a stereotype. But that's because he gets mad; he shows vulnerability but it never feels fake. It's because Drew wasn't freighted with all sorts of weighty matters like campus rape and cousins who beat their wives and it never felt like Drew was trying to make up for everyone else's sins. Zoe, she's more like Kate: feisty and with a chip on her shoulder. But Kate is no geek trying to prove she's good enough and honestly, Zoe is.

View 1 comment. May 25, maggieandteddy rated it it was amazing. What a surprise to read Carry Me Home, set in Idaho. Fluffy, puffy snow. I live in SoCal, so I went into a wintry scenic trance. Ms James sure does paint write a pretty picture book setting Anyway, I know that it could have taken place in summer or winter. Idaho--the story has to start out cold and the characters have to deal with it.

The people of Paradise, Idaho know how. Not Zoe, she's a recent transplant from California. She does spend some time sliding on the ice. Zoe is an assistant professor of Geology at the local college.

Carry Me Home

She's very intelligent and capable in a male dominated field. Outside the classroom she's a little backward in the dating department. The Geology department secretary, Rochelle is her funny bff and is supportive when Zoe wants to get out there and have fun, then go back to her teaching and research. Zoe meets Cal. Cal comes to the rescue-of course there's chemistry. I loved the lines that Cal comes up with. Not too smooth at all. He tells Zoe to keep wearing Rochelle's clothes!

Zoe has schoolmarm taste in clothes. Rochelle has dresses that are figure flattering. I think that it kept Zoe and Cal from getting closer- for a while. I wish that could have been reversed and have the suspense built up a little later in the story. Cal's ex shows up! Don't worry Cal is brilliant. One of the best damn "tell offs" that I've ever read.

This is near the beginning of the book, so whew, we got that out of the way! I thought that was a great tension builder. There's also a role reversal where the h is the ambitious one and the H is the one that is all set to plant to his roots and stay put. I liked the ending, and the epilogue. I wish that there was more into the future, but I'm sure that there will be another story with another couple. Luke Cal's brother and?? I'm giving this 4.

ARC provided by NetGalley. I gave my honest review. View all 5 comments. I received an advance copy of this book, in exchange for an honest review [neither fear nor favor! I can't remember ever reading anything by this author before, but the preview on Net Galley sounded interesting. It turns out I'm really glad I requested an early copy. The story had great characters. I especially enjoyed Cal's dialog. He was really amusing and was a great counterpart to serious Zoe. Zoe is a college geology professor in a very small town. While she takes an interest in her students, she mainly has her eyes on the prize her father has pushed her toward for most of her life, an i I can't remember ever reading anything by this author before, but the preview on Net Galley sounded interesting.

While she takes an interest in her students, she mainly has her eyes on the prize her father has pushed her toward for most of her life, an ivy league professor position and the academic accolades to go with it. Cal is the small town football hero who made it big but came back home. He values his family and is trying to make the family farm profitable and help better his community.

The two first meet when Zoe runs of the road in the snow and Cal stops to help. Cal sees something he likes in the prim buttoned up professor and pursues her full out. Zoe is too career focused to give him much of her attention but finds herself liking him nonetheless. When Zoe finds herself helping a student who was attacked and almost violated, she places herself in the attacker's crosshairs. Cal finds himself unable to stay away from Zoe and ends up doing everything he can to protect her and win her over.

The story had many ups and downs and hints to throw the reader off course. I really enjoyed reading it. I hope Cal's equally amusing brother, Luke, gets his own story. I would love to check it out! Sep 02, fleurette rated it liked it Shelves: romantic-suspense. I have some mixed feelings about this book. This was my first from this author and definitely not the last one. The beginning is great, fast and interesting. It got my attention. But then either the story slowed down and started to drag a bit either I lost my mood for this book.

The first one third I read very fast and that stopped in the middle. Fortunately, somehow the last one third was again a fast read for me. So, yeah, I'm not really sure where is the problem. The characters are one of the b I have some mixed feelings about this book. The characters are one of the best thing of this story. Zoe and Cal are great and I really enjoyed the interaction between them. I like it when the hero is softer and romantic than heroine, it's a refreshment after all those typical alpha men.

Also, the reason behind their split is quite believable. I totally liked the secondary characters and they are the reason I read the other books in this series. The suspense part is okay. I wish it was a bit more developed. But it is generally okay while not being very innovative. I really couldn't bother the extra concentration to keep up between the too many flashbacks and back to present time switches Also, the author didn't manage to keep me interested in her characters, which is a pity because the duet of narrators is my favorite one. I was given an advance copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.

I was not compensated or required to write a positive review. The opinions expressed are my own. I have read and enjoyed all of Rosalind James' books, and was excited to see her switch to a romantic suspense genre for this book. Two things to note: I almost skipped this book because I was unsure of the ex football player, farmer character, and the setting in a part of the country that I do not have real fond memories of.

S I was given an advance copy of this book in exchange for an honest review. Sometimes I shy away from romantic suspense because I do not like graphic violence. Having said those two things, let me tell you, I loved this book! Cal was a well developed character, who did not fit my football player stereotypes, which Zoe seemed to hold as well.

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I really liked that the women in the story were not weak victims who made stupid decisions to get into the situations that caused harm. Zoe and Amy were smart take charge women. Rosalind did a fantastic job of incorporating the life balance for career women. I loved the part where Zoe's Dad offered to pay to get her eggs harvested and frozen so she could keep her career on track. We were just talking at work about how companies are offering that to their employees. And, the way Zoe fought to bring the attention of college rape, and law enforcement's response into the story was very topical.

I have 2 daughters in college, and it is something I worry about every day. Whenever there is a dog or cat in a book, I worry about if they will be a victim, just like that one character in a movie who you know will meet his demise. So I must say, I love Junior and his instincts and he made it through the story. I absolutely loved Zoe, Cal and the supporting characters in this book who I hope we see more of in future books.

Zoe had a career path in mind, and I really like how that path changed when she realized she loved teaching and did not want to give that up for research. Instead of her deciding to stay because of Cal.

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You could feel the love of Cal's parents and brother,and how they supported and influenced his decisions in subtle way. Okay, so Luke was flat out funny with his dialog with Cal sometimes, and was a well written sibling interaction. Looking forward to more romantic suspense books from Rosalind James, especially if we get to see more of the characters from this book. Even the one bad guy, if it means karma catches up with him. Solidly Written Romantic Suspense I borrowed both the audio book and kindle edition via kindle unlimited. If you aren't a member I do recommend this as a definite purchase, you won't wast your money.

First the suspense part is good and has enough tension to have kept me riveted. The romance is a grown up one, no insta love and actually some real problems not just made up ones filled with bogus misunderstandings. I was getting tired of romances and wasn't feeling the character's connections. The Solidly Written Romantic Suspense I borrowed both the audio book and kindle edition via kindle unlimited. The formula was stale, as most contained insta love and woman that I found too naive to connect with.

James wrote a strong woman in Zoe, and yes Cal is an alpha, but a flirty alpha with a sense of humor and a kind heart. So in this book you have two alpha personalities falling in love over time, add the danger and viola a book that isn't a waste of money. The audio book version was very good with a male narrator doing the male parts and a female doing the female voices. Well worth the listen. I love how this author writes. Unfortunately, this is the second book in this series that I didn't love the female lead character. Zoe is so boring.

What the heck does Cal see in her? Take me back was so much better than books 1 and 3. Going to read number 2 now. Out of order, I know May 20, Connie Reynolds rated it it was amazing. However, if you're looking for the espionage or "out there", darker portion of romantic suspense, this book may not be for you as that's not where the anticipation comes from. Without giving too much away. Zoe Santangelo has a PhD in geology specializing in hydrogeology that has come to the small town of Paradise, Idaho to start her journey to becoming a tenured professor at one of the predominant research universities in the field.

Like many others with similar aspirations, Zoe starts at the bottom of ladder at a smaller institution, eager to work her way up. She loves her field, teaching at the university, and working with students but knows that she'll be moving on as soon as she can. Cal Jackson is a former NFL football player who has come home to run the family farm after his career is ended by an injury.

He loves what he does, his family and the town but is possibly looking for more as well. The two meet and interact as a result of their relationship to the university.

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The story chronicles their struggles, both individually and as a couple, as well as a campus situation that has everyone concerned for the safety of students and Dr. Both characters have their own issues that results in sort of power struggle that they need to work through that ultimately affect their relationship. The pair are very likable and believable. Zoe is highly intelligent yet down to earth, and very independent, yet unsure of herself. Cal is self-assured, a bit of a control freak and almost cocky--but in a way that endears him to the reader.

Their interactions run the gamut of witty, sexy, exasperating, confusing, frustrating, intense, and tender. Since this is also a romance, it doesn't hurt that things get a bit steamy occasionally. Overall, there is just the right balance the romance and suspense. Don't expect a wimpy heroine that needs rescuing--that's what gets Cal into trouble. I received a free copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.

Shelves: fav. I love romantic suspense and while they normally are action based "I received a free copy of Rosalind James "Carry me Home" book in exchange for an honest review. I love romantic suspense and while they normally are action based with either armed forces or police crime, and the characters falling for one another in the midst of chaos The scenarios merge as the story picks up pace and we are carried down that swift tunnel as events and romance tumble and build Wow what a ride!

There are also issues being dealt with in the story that lend to further insight and addresses matters of campus safety in and around universities as well as personal preparation for living alone, being emotionally and physically ready. As the story built and the characters rounded out more and more I must digress here to say that, Ms James always ensures her characters are well rounded and full so one becomes enamored with them I also was pleasantly surprised that the story has twists also and while one may guess the true villain it was nice to add that extra dimension of sleuthing to the mix.

Ok, I have said it before and I will keep on saying this I throughly enjoyed the characters and was not at all disappointed as the story was full and replete with suspense, drama, romance, hot guys definitely adding Cal to my yum yum list and saucy chicks and, not to forget, the bit of spice that is so Ms James. Jun 18, Trish R. Not quite OK.. I have to say that the first 50 or 60 pages were pretty damn boring and I was tempted to stop reading but I decided to push forward to see what was going to happen, wanted to see who the stalker was. There was no desire, no lust, no thought Not quite OK..

There was no desire, no lust, no thoughts of wanting, nothing. Hot sex starts at the first meeting with thoughts and desire and continues until they finally get at it. What really happened sounds like a publisher who wanted sex in the book so the author just threw in a few pages again and again during the last hundred or so pages.

So much dragging it out. This could have been a page book and it might have been good but, as it was, it was just too long. Anyway, they had sex, with nothing leading up to it, at her house, then more boring stuff, then sex in her office. Now, I like dialogue in my books but he just kept talking about what he would do to her, just page after page after page of boring sex talk.

Get to the story, already. Geez, he wanted her to freeze her eggs so she could keep working and get somewhere in her career? When it came to her father she had no backbone whatsoever. And I liked Deke a lot, too. I liked his Mom and Dad, Raylene and Stan. And I absolutely hated his cousin Greg, what a jerk.

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Although he never really raped anyone cuz the girls kept beating the hell out of him or scaring him off with a shotgun. As to the narrators: They did a wonderful job but the book was bad. Aug 06, Clare O'Beara rated it it was amazing Shelves: america-rom-susp.

Ignoring the offer of help from a man with a black pickup who happens to arrive. Only when the sheriff also arrives and reassures her, does Zoe consider accepting help. We've already seen that there is a predatory man out there, who enjoys chasing women drivers along wooded mountain roads. So I'm with Zoe. This lady is a professor of geology. One of her students, Amy, tells her about a man following her. But everyone, including police, is sure there are no serial killers in the town of Paradise.

Another lady she meets, Rochelle, speaks of her good ol' boy ex who remained boyishly lazy and stupid so she dumped him. Now Rochelle lives in a small apartment, looking good, and her paycheck isn't spent on his beer and drugs. We gather that this is a suspense story for and about women.

Cue a discussion on upward progress, later marriage, and freezing eggs.

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There's also a strong male character called Cal Jackson, he of the car towing. Cal shows us one of the responsible, mannerly good ol' boys. Zoe has been hired to consult on the groundwater table. This is hugely relevant to discussions of modern life in America and elsewhere. Zoe finds that putting too much time into her teaching work will stop her researching and publishing, which is what she needs to do if she's to move up in her career. But she needs to support her female students. I'm really impressed by the way this book demonstrates all the options and pitfalls of Zoe's life.

She's not thirty yet and thinks she has a long way to go This is an adult romance suspense tale. I'm all in favour of mature young adult readers enjoying and learning from it too. I'm giving Carry Me Home five stars for well portraying the points of the men and women in a backwoods town, creating real-seeming characters and immersing us in their lives.

Stalkers and all. Rosalind James has written several books. Write more. An ARC was sent to me for an unbiased review. I have read every book Rosalind James has written and enjoyed them all, but I've got to say Carry Me Home might just be my favorite. It has all the hallmarks of a Rosalind James romance with the addition of a suspenseful storyline. The main characters are Cal and Zoe.

Zoe is a strong, feisty, sweet woman I received a free copy of this book in exchange for an honest review. Zoe is a strong, feisty, sweet woman with big dreams who is a little out of her comfort zone in small town Idaho. Cal is a good, strong, loving man who has lived his big dream and now knows being back in his hometown and working the family farm is what makes him happy. The author has a gift for writing characters and relationships that feel real.

This is just as true for her secondary characters as for the main characters and I love the fact that all her characters talk to each other. The author puts us inside the mind of the villain and makes him real too. He is a sick, twisted and coldly methodical individual. There are a few scenes that are real nail biters, but I was happy to read about women that fought back and refused to be victims.

This book has it all. Love, laughter, sex, sweetness, fear, and danger. I loved it and I definitely recommend it!! It is sooooo good! Let me preface this by saying that I don't particularly like "romantic suspense" stories. However, I have found that Ms. James is a particularly adroit storyteller and I'll give anything that she's written a try.

I love how she builds a relationship before having her protagonists "fall into bed. I'm so, so tired of millionaires and billionaires who fall head over heels for normal, every-day women. Does that happen in your world? Didn't think so. I Let me preface this by saying that I don't particularly like "romantic suspense" stories. I outgrew fairy tales when I was a little girl. As an adult, I prefer adult stories. Her world-building and relationship-building skills are peerless. And even as a non-fan of suspense stories, she had me hooked from Chapter One. I'm not going to give you the synopsis here.

You can find that elsewhere. But I loved ALL the characters If you haven't tried Rosalind James before, I heartily recommend you do. If you have This one is just as good. I was NOT compensated for my review. Jun 16, Christina rated it liked it. Paradise, Idaho. A small town where everyone knows your name, where you came from and all of your secrets from the past.